Do you produce quality outcomes?

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You can’t get what you want until you know what you want.

Developing the skill to clearly articulate the outcome you desire becomes very useful.
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Do you produce quality outcomes?

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Video Transcript

Hello, my friends. Bryan here. Today I want to talk with you about one idea. The idea is outcomes. Producing quality outcomes. In any area of your life.

Why is this useful? Why is this important? I’ll tell you why or how it’s important to me. I once heard you can’t hit a target you can’t see. I think there’s a lot of truth in that. You can’t get what you want until you know what you want.

Developing the skill to articulate an outcome clearly becomes very useful. I will use this when I have meetings. I will use this when I plan a trip. A vacation. When I plan a speech. A workshop. I’m very clear who’s my audience and what’s my outcome.

What do I want my audience to know, believe, feel or do as a result of this? What do I want to accomplish from this meeting? What kind of experiences do I want to have on this vacation, or on this trip? What’s my outcome for this video?

My outcome for this video is to share something with you that will elevate the quality of your life. To help you enjoy the things you do more fully and produce the results you want more easily, more quickly.

I’ll share with you one little story of where I applied this to a trip that I planned. This was almost years ago now. Some friends and I decided to journey from London to Mongolia. We knew that it would take about a month. We had all kinds of questions. As we talked about what was important to each one of us, we started to formulate an outcome for the adventure. The outcome was this: to travel through the greatest number of politically stable countries possible, safely, on time, on budget. That was our outcome.

As we met every week to plan this journey, we would ask, are these decisions in service to that outcome? If they supported the outcome, we made decisions in alignment with that. And if they didn’t, we made a different decision.

Whether it’s for your day, for your life, in any area, where is it that maybe you lack clarity? Maybe you’re feeling stuck. if that’s the case, I can almost guarantee you it’s because you haven’t clearly articulated your outcome.

My advice to you, if you’re looking for advice, grab a pen. Grab a paper. Open your computer. Write it down. Look at it. Sit with it for a little while. See if that’s the right one for you. Write it down, make it happen.

I hope that’s been a useful insight for you if it’s not something that you’re already doing naturally. Some people do define outcomes very well by nature. For some people, defining outcomes is a skill to be cultivated. Wherever you are on that spectrum, I hope this was enjoyable for you. I look forward to talking to you again very soon. Until then, may you produce the outcomes that are important to you.