Bryan Miller’s Advice for Graduates

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My advice to graduates is to look ahead, but not too far ahead. What advice do you give graduates?

And hey, Congratulations to my Mom, Gail Miller, on your honorary doctorate from the University of Utah.

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Bryan Miller’s Advice for Graduates

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Video Transcript

Hello, my friends. Bryan Miller here.

Today I want to talk about advice for graduates. It’s that time of year where people are graduating. Last night I went to a ceremony for my mom. She received an honorary Ph.D. from the University of Utah, which I thought was cool.

Congratulations to my Mom, Gail Miller!

Part of what was awesome about that, was that’s an honor that my dad, Larry H. Miller, received a few years ago. To know my mom and dad are both Doctors of Human Letters from the University of Utah is very cool. I always laugh inside; I smile a bit when I think about my dad receiving a Ph.D. because he was a college drop-out. Before he died, he was awarded more honorary PhDs than he spent weeks in college.

So, here’s my advice for people who are graduating. I’m interested to know what advice do you give to graduates. If I were to give you, a graduate, one piece of advice today after I said congratulations it would be this: Your years of hard work and dedication have finally paid off. Acknowledge yourself for that. Celebrate a little bit. I would say, look ahead. But not too far ahead.

Something that I’m thinking about a lot in my life and in lives of some of my coaching clients and people who come to my “Power, Productivity, and Peace” workshops; one of the challenges of life is looking far enough ahead. It’s knowing what you want and moving toward that while enjoying the present moment. The difficulty is not looking past what there is here, in the now to enjoy and appreciate.

Winston Churchill talked about that as well. He talked about success coming from looking ahead but looking too far ahead. That can cause failure. There’s again one of the life’s paradoxes.

That’s the advice that I would give graduates. Look ahead, but enjoy the now. What advice do you give to a college graduate? Or high school graduate? Or a preschool graduate?

Let me know. Visit me on Facebook and share your thoughts with me. Here’s a link to my facebook page:

I hope you have a wonderful day. I will look forward to talking to you again very soon. Until then, take care. – Bryan Miller