It’s Your Choice: Learn to See what’s Perfect In Every Moment

There are times in life when our experiences are full of problems. Perhaps a moment that we have anticipated for a long time which does not live up to our expectations of perfection.

The important point to remember during these times is that any moment can still be perfect; it’s just our responsibility to see distinct moments as perfect. We must choose to see the greatness, and the power for good living, in each moment.
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Bryan Miller is a Utah leadership coach, speaker, trainer, author, and presenter. Bryan is also a seeker, mentor and coach on the subject of “Good Living.”

Good Living Video Transcription

Hello, my friends. It’s Bryan Miller here. Hey – you want to see something amazing and totally scary? Check that out! Look at the spider. I found that thing outside my hotel room here where I am on the Gold Coast of Australia.

That leaf, that’s the size of my pinkie! And in case you couldn’t see it, that’s another spider. Totally amazing! I got here; it’s about a 16-hour time change. Gray sky. Typically sunny hundred days a year, here in surfer’s paradise. Not today. When I went to plug in my computer, it just about blew up. Literally, smoke. Incredible.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about you. I share these things because I’ve been looking forward to this for months. This incredible opportunity to come and spend time in an energy rich environment with other people who are committed to their learning and growth. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time so that I get to learn and grow. That I can learn things that I can share with you that will contribute to you. Then I get here, and of course, everything’s not perfect. Of course, it’s not perfect. Why would it be perfect?

And then all at that moment I realize, it is perfect. I just forgot it. I failed to see it. I didn’t believe it. Whatever. It happens. What an awesome opportunity for me to see that it is a choice to see what’s right. To see what’s fantastic. It’s right here; it’s available in every moment. If you’re watching this, I know you know that.

What are your spiders? What are your gray skies? What is your explodinating computer cable? What’s happened today? Wait, forget that. What’s right about it? What’s great about it?

With that, I hope that you have a fantastic day today—Whatever you’re doing. I hope that you’re enjoying the loved ones that you’re with today. The food that you have. The places that are familiar to you or if you’re traveling and you’re watching this that are unfamiliar, new and interesting. Have a wonderful day. I look forward to sharing with you some of what I take away from this incredible opportunity when I get home. Until then, take care. Have fun. And enjoy life.