Is Life Simple? Or Complicated?

When a lot of simple things pile up, life can seem overwhelming! Let’s explore how this wisdom relates to the game of Monopoly. Join me in this video to see more.

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Hello friends. Bryan here. In today’s video I want to do three things; First, I want to invite you to come play MONOPOLY with me Saturday, July 4th. I’ll be hosting a MONOPOLY Tournament here in Utah. It’ll be a lot of fun. Make some new friends. And we’ll raise some funds for 100% of Humanity. My non-profit that’s dedicated to helping entrepreneurs in developing countries, improve the quality of life in their communities.

Whoo! Number one, done!

Number two; I want to share with you an idea that I think about sometimes of life through the lens of MONOPOLY.

And number three; I want to share with you a rule you can use to your advantage to help you win more MONOPOLY games.

Back to number two. I want to share with you this idea that back when MONOPOLY was published in the ’30’s, Charles Darrow was shopping this around Milton Bradly, and to Hasbro, and to some other potential publishers. It took a couple years before the game was accepted by any publisher. What he heard again and again as he was rejected was that the game was too complicated. If you can believe that.

In today’s world of MMORPG’s, role playing games, you have collectible card games, all sorts of new things that come out all the time it seems and just the speed and pace and complexity of life that a game like MONOPOLY would ever have been considered too complicated for the general public. We’ve come a ways since then, haven’t we?

It makes me think about something my dad used to talk about when he was in his ‘s he had a friend. They had an on-going debate. It was the kind of thing they would talk about when they would go to lunch or when they would work together. And the debate was this; is life simple or is it complicated. My dad maintained the position that ultimately life was simple. There isn’t anything inherently complicated about it. And his friend would hold the other position that no, no, no, life is complicated. Then one day they reached an agreement, that perhaps the complexity of life lies in reaching its simplicity. I think about that with MONOPOLY. Where there are a lot of rules.

Ultimately no single rule is that complicated. You rolls doubles, you go again. You mortgage a property, you pay % more to unmortgage it. None of that is particularly complex. You layer them on together, and it can seem complicated. That’s the way life often is. With a lot of simple things, that kind of pile up, it can feel overwhelming. This brings us to number three. The advanced rule that I want to share with you.

If you come play MONOPOLY or maybe when you play with your friends and family you can use this at just the right time. Be the pivotal move to help you win a game. It’s this; in MONOPOLY, there are only houses available. If you’re paying attention, and you buy those houses, and you don’t build up to hotels, you stop at four houses on each property, you can deliberately create a housing shortage and prevent your opponents from being able to buy those houses and being able to buy hotels.

If you bought a hotel you would effectively dump those houses back into the bank and make them available for your opponents to buy and use against you. The particular advance move on this is if you have hotels, and you sell down to four houses a piece, then you take those houses out of the bank. And again, they’re not available for your opponents to use against you. To intentionally create a housing shortage. To have greater control over the game. That’s an advanced move. I hope to see you at the MONOPOLY Tournament Saturday, July 4th. You can learn more about it at Until next time, take care.

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