Fear versus Faith, as related to the game of Monopoly

“The only difference between faith & fear is that faith is the imagination directed. Where fear is the imagination undirected.”
— Tony Robbins

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Hello, friends. Bryan here.

Uncle Tony (Tony Robbins) says, “Focus on where you want to go. Not on what you fear.”

He also tells us, “The only difference between faith and fear is that faith is the imagination directed. Where fear is the imagination undirected.”

I’ll tell you one area of life where I’ve seen this is playing games. I see it when I play MONOPOLY. I have a friend that whenever we play, he focuses on what he doesn’t want to roll. If I have a hotel on Boardwalk, and he’s landed on North Carolina, he’ll say, “Don’t roll a seven. Don’t roll a seven.” Whereas, I will say, “Roll an eight. Land on go.”

It’s a subtle but fundamental difference in the quality not only of the game but the experience of life.

I’ll tell you that I don’t know that it really makes a difference. I don’t think that thinking, “Roll an eight,” somehow my thoughts change the physics of the universe and cause the dice to actually be different. I don’t think that.

But I’ll tell you, it sure seems like I get what I look for very often. I want to invite you if that’s already your perspective in life, in games, anywhere that it would serve you to focus on where you want to go and not on what you fear.

I do want to invite you to come play MONOPOLY with me. Saturday, July 15th at the Jordan Commons. You can learn more about it on my website, bryanmiller.com. It’s to have fun. It’s to make some new friends. And it’s for a good cause.

There’s no cost required to participate. It’s totally free. If you want to make a donation to 100% of Humanity, the foundation my wife and I have set up to help entrepreneurs in developing countries that’d be really cool.

While we’re here in the United States playing a game, there are others around the world who are working hard to create a good quality of life in their communities, and we’ll be helping them as we have fun.

I hope you make it. I hope this message is useful to you. I know it’s useful to me. I look forward to seeing you again very soon.

Thanks for watching. Take care. — Bryan Miller, Utah.

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