Sometimes It’s How You Play the Game

I’m hosting the Utah State MONOPOLY® Championship

  • FREE — this Saturday, July 15th, 2017
  • Benefits 100% of Humanity.
  • Megaplex Theatres At Jordan Commons, 9335 State ST, Sandy, Utah
  • Registration 9-9:45 am • Games begin 10 am
  • We’ll have a happy, fun, family-friendly time!
  • Winner will be the “Unofficial Utah Monopoly Champion”

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Utah State MONOPOLY® Championship

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  • I’m sponsoring the Utah State MONOPOLY® Championship
  • July 15th, Sandy, Utah. Benefits 100% of Humanity.



Hello my friends. It’s Bryan here. The thought I want to explore with you today relates to playing games. No surprise, right? The last few weeks I’ve been doing videos about MONOPOLY, talking about the charitable MONOPOLY tournament I’m hosting at Jordan Commons Megaplex Theatres in Sandy this Saturday, July 15th at 9 am. I hope you’ll come play. We’ll have a lot of fun.

We’ll do some good by raising some money for entrepreneurs in developing countries to improve the quality of their life. It’ll be really cool. I hope you’ll come play.

Now, one thing as I have been preparing for this tournament, I’ve been thinking about MONOPOLY, I’ve been talking to a lot of people about it, thinking about games, thinking my passion for games, having fun. One of the things that I think about is the fact that although I’m a game player, I realize not everyone is.

For example, my dad didn’t like to play games. He was a workaholic. For him buying and building things, trading and negotiating and all of that was something he did in real life six days a week. He was pretty good at it.

I get that games aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. What I’m interested in, and I invite you to consider, is if you look at this MONOPOLY Tournament. I know you might not come play because you’re out of town, or you have a previous commitment or something like that. I totally get it. It’s summer. We’re having fun.

I’ve talked to a lot of people who say, “Why would I come play MONOPOLY? That game sucks. I played that as a kid, and I hated it.”

What I wonder is, what was that based on? What were those experiences? You had an experience. You made a decision, and you’ve lived as though that is absolutely true and it is for you. Perhaps this Saturday is an opportunity for you to come and experience the game in a different way.

I’ll show you one way which you might see that. It’s this, when you play games, if you play, are you the kind of person that you play for the social aspect and it doesn’t really matter if you win. It doesn’t matter who wins, just as long as you enjoy yourself and you’re with people you like and you have a good time. Which is awesome. I used to not be able to stand playing games with people like that. I didn’t want to beat somebody if they weren’t trying or they didn’t care. There was no sense of victory in that for me.

I was the second kind of game player that was competitive. Makes me think of a joke I once heard comedian Dimitri Martin tell. He said, “Every board game should have the same name. Which One of My Friends is a Competitive A-hole?” And I certainly get that too.

So, if your thing, when you play games just to play one way or the other, I invite you to come to this MONOPOLY Tournament and maybe experience playing the game a different way.

If you’re a competitive person, come for the social aspect. If you’re a social player, come and do your best to win. Everything you can: Be a shrewd negotiator. Be a strategist. Be a tactician. Whatever it is. And just see what that experience holds for you.

As I said, it’s going to be a lot of fun. We’re going to a 90-minute timed round starting at 10 am. Registration starts around 9:30 am. Around noon we’ll start the finals. It’ll be an untimed four-player game.

This will be for the Unofficial Utah State MONOPOLY Champion. Come play. I hope you have a lot of fun.

I hope you enjoy this video and you have an absolutely wonderful day. I look forward to seeing you again very soon. Thanks for watching. Take care. – Bryan Miller, Utah

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