Work/Life Balance is a Myth!

Overworking has become
the new normal

87% of people report overworking is an expectation and part of being successful.

The the truth is that overworking is actually making you LESS productive. Less effective. Less engaged. It’s like running a car at the redline all the time; it does more damage than good.

What if the key to unlocking your success is to take your foot off the gas? Success doesn’t have to be a struggle. Life is meant to be enjoyed.

The Productivity NOW workshop will allow you to take back control of your life, so you
can do more, in less time, with less stress while having more fun.

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You’ll leave this workshop with:

Higher Productivity
and Performance

More Positive
Attitude Towards Work


Improved Mental
and Physical

Relationships and
Social Life

Be More. Do More.

Do more, in less time with less stress and have more fun

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Bryan Miller saw first-hand how overworking is not just counter-productive, but destructive. Working inside a multi-billion dollar family-owned business, he watched his father, Larry, neglect his own health and family in pursuit of work. Larry built a nationwide network of companies, but in the process literally worked himself to death.

Bryan knew there was a better path to success. He developed the Power, Productivity and Peace workshop series to help individuals and organizations integrate life and work in healthy, fun and productive ways.