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Take one hundred percent responsibility for your experience of life. 

Recognize that for everything you feel, YOU somehow generate that experience. And for everything you don’t feel but want to – peace, satisfaction, accomplishment, intimacy, or anything else – you have the ability to generate that experience in every moment. 

It’s easy to think that our experience of life is caused by something “out there.” Maybe a boss or spouse, a friend or child, or even an inanimate object or experience like food, money or a new car. But it’s more empowering to believe, and behave, as if we create our experience.


Consciously build rapport. 

Why? To effectively coach someone, you must be able to influence them. How well you can influence someone depends on the strength of rapport you have with them.

Google defines rapport: “A relationship in which the people involved understand each other’s feelings or ideas.”

Develop rapport by asking questions to understand someone’s thoughts and feelings, particularly when first meeting or at the beginning of a coaching session. 

After, “How are you?” notice what they say and how they say it. Ask why. Notice incongruities between words and physiology. Ask about those.

To develop rapport, ask and notice. 


Know what business you’re really in. 

When people ask what you do, do you talk about your profession or title? With something like “I’m a life coach”? 

Why not respond with the results you deliver your clients instead? Maybe something like “I help early-stage entrepreneurs achieve profitability” or “I help leaders build high performing teams they love.” 

It can be challenging enough to assert our identity as a coach, and even harder to talk about our services in terms of results delivered. But anyone who wants to work with you wants to know what they can expect. So tell them!

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