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When A Coaching Engagement Is Over, How Will You Know It Was Successful?

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An Uncomfortable Conversation to Have with Yourself

When I studied with Jack Canfield, he asked me to end each day with the same assignment.

He told me to talk to myself. Out loud. In the mirror.

To look into my own eyes, recall the day, and say, “I’m proud of you for …” and list things I did – or didn’t – do, or attributes I possess.

And to end with my name and “I love you.”

Jack explained that how much love we can give and receive from others depends on how fully we love ourselves. And we improve with practice.


An Essential Question to Ask Before Starting Any Coaching Relationship

“When this coaching engagement is over, how will you know it was successful?”

Clients hire coaches for one of two reasons: either because there’s something in their lives they don’t want, or there’s something they do want but don’t yet have. (I’ve never heard of a client who hired a coach simply to celebrate life exactly the way it is.)

By asking clients to define success, you’re more likely to help them achieve it. And they’re more likely to experience the satisfying sense of completion when they know they have.


Use a Business Roadmap to Get Where You Want to Go

In life and business, we often don’t get where we want to go because we don’t know where we want to go. Or we know where we want to go, but we don’t quite know how to get there.

In these situations, business roadmaps help. They’re simple, one-page documents that describe where you want to go and how you’ll get there.

They’re simpler than full-fledged business plans (though it’s good to have one of those too).

Business roadmaps concretize your thinking and help you and others understand your plans.

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