• 14 Lessons


    Course #8 is about RESPONSIBILITY – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live as though you are completely responsible for your emotions, experience of life and the outcomes you produce. It requires a conscious choice and courage to take total responsibility for your emotions and experience of life, and for all of your life’s outcomes. When you find yourself complaining, believing you “have to” do something, or that you have no choice, it is likely that you have not taken responsibility for some aspect of your life. The only things you have complete control over are your thoughts, words, and actions. We’ll also review the mechanics of taking responsibility: making decisions or commitments and behaving congruently with them. Ultimately, you’ll experience responsibility as freedom.

  • 17 Lessons


    Course #9 is about alignment – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live doing great work while pursuing your calling. Great work occurs at the confluence of happiness (which comes from doing what you love), meaning (giving yourself fully) and contribution (serving something bigger than yourself). A calling is free giving of your time with a sense of purpose, rightness and even destiny. Everyone possesses genius. However, only a tiny percentage ever seem to express that genius. A key deliverable of this Course is for you to create your own definition of what it means for you to do great work. You’ll also create a clear picture of what each day might look like when you’re doing great work and pursuing your calling.
  • 18 Lessons


    Course #10 is about Action – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live with a bias toward action, fully engaged in life. Your access to impacting life is conscious action. Acting in order to feel (or avoid feeling) certain emotions - when done unconsciously - is a form of slavery. You can live your life as a spectator or as a participant. Certain types of speaking can be powerful forms of action. We’ll review tools and techniques that will help you make better decisions and overcome procrastination. We'll review a daily practice to help you realize your most important outcomes and commitments. There is great insight in the statement: "Thought without action is a daydream - action without thought is a nightmare."

  • 23 Lessons


    Course #11 is about ENERGY – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live with habits and routines that optimize your energy, contribute to your well-being and lead to the realization of your desired outcomes. Your energy is your most precious resource, even more precious than time. We’ll explore ways to optimize your energy by being more efficient, effective, and expansive. You’ll gain an appreciation of the power of habits and routines, and identify unproductive and undesirable behaviors, understand their impact on your life, and create strategies to minimize them. We’ll reflect on the power of disciplined consistency in creating extraordinary results and what tools might be helpful in cultivating that discipline. One way to expand your energy capacity by living a healthier life.

  • 19 Lessons


    Course #12 is about TIME – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live with a simple, effective, and enjoyable method to "keep your word in existence" and make the most of your time. There’s no such thing as “work/life balance.” There’s only “life.” Using proven tools and techniques we’ll help you create and implement new structures and processes to manage your opportunities and obligations. Managing your time doesn't have to be stressful; the purpose of time is to maximize your enjoyment of life. You can be the leader of your life and the architect of your experience - not merely the manager of your circumstances. Goethe stated, “Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.”