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Bryan has recently launched the School for Good Living. Within the School, Bryan has created an online group coaching program called Life's Best Practices Breakthrough Coaching. The promise of the course is to help participants create a life of happiness, meaning, and contribution. Many want to make a difference, they want to contribute, and they think they can - but they are held back by not knowing how. Life's Best Practices Breakthrough Coaching provides the principles to guide participants and instill in them the faith to believe: I can. I do. I am.

This 36-week online group coaching course is divided into three sections:

SECTION 1 focuses on power
Power: Live with clarity about who you are, what you want, and why you're here.

SECTION 2 focuses on productivity
Productivity: Do more, in less time, with less stress and more fun.

SECTION 3 focuses on peace
Peace: Appreciate and enjoy every moment of every day; love fully and live well.

Learn more about the School for Good Living here.

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What can I expect?

Reduce Stress

Our coaching modules and coach-led conference calls will train you to empower and calm your life.

Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

Group and online activities to free your mind. Then maintain with our ongoing practice exercises.

Live with Happiness

Live a life of happiness, meaning, and contribution with lifetime access to our Life’s Best Practices platform.

What clients say...

Brett, business owner

Just finished the module. I LOVED IT!!! I have never in my life sat and thought about what I actually want from my life. If I get nothing more from the course, this one exercise will have had an impact on my life. Thank you for including me.

Jason, entrepreneur

Thanks Bryan for allowing me to participate. I am better because of what I am learning and putting in to practice.

Andy, executive

I literally feel like a different person. I have better posture now, which my wife has pointed out makes me look less chubby. I know that’s a funny way of saying it, but these ideas we have been discussing have really affected my attitude and my being as a whole from the inside out.

Who am I?

I am...




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