Connor Boyack Private Coaching (Twelve 45-minute 1:1 sessions for six monthly payments of $1,000)

$1,000.00 / month for 6 months





Twelve 45 minute 1:1 private coaching sessions with Brilliant Miller. 

The coaching schedule for the 6 months / 12 sessions, once every 2 weeks, to be determined but it may look similar to:

March 25th

May 6th

June 17th

July 29th

April 8th

May 20th

July 1st

Aug 12th

April 22nd

June 3rd

July 15th

Aug 26th

Client agrees to give Brilliant Miller and The School for Good Living advance notice if any planned session needs to be rescheduled. Missed appointments will count as a coaching session unless rescheduled in advance. 

This offering has a 30 day cancelation and refund policy. After 30 days, all outstanding amounts will become due and payable according to the payment schedule even if client discontinues services.


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