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Top 3 Challenges Becoming a Coach

1. Find the right TRAINING

2. Access great CONTENT

3. Get tools and team SUPPORT

Without these, it's tough. Fortunately...

There is one simple solution to overcome these challenges...


Accelerated training program focused on helping you launch a successful coaching business

Use the School for Good Living’s world-class content for your coaching curriculum

Use the School for Good Living’s world-class LMS platform and receive support from the SGL Team


This transformative program is tailored to helping you make your dream of launching a coaching business a reality! You will learn about the ethical foundation and sacred privilege of being a coach. You will experience first-hand the powerful content curriculum of the School for Good Living’s Life’s Best Practices Breakthrough Coaching that you will have unlimited access to for your clients. You will learn how to show up authentically and confidently in the coaching relationship. This exciting two and a half day program is structured to share, teach and present to you all the tools needed to coach others. Join other aspiring coaches who share your passion to help others navigate and succeed in life.

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This program is for those looking for insightful learning and a proven framework for delivering the highest quality coaching grounded in ethics, theory, technique, utilizing the School For Good Living’s world-class content curriculum. This program is an intense accelerated course to teach you the tools, techniques, and process steps to launch a successful coaching business. Realize your vision to use your voice to instill authority, change and hope in the lives of your clients.


If you are someone who has been looking for the right coach training program, so you can help others become the person they can through life-changing results, then this 2 ½ day course is for you! Through this course, you will walk away not only as a certified School for Good Living coach, but you will also be starting a new rewarding adventure in teaching and showing others a better way to live a life that matters.

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