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195: Brilliant Miller - 2022 Podcast Highlights

What is life about? What is something about which you have changed your mind in recent years? What have you started or stopped doing to live or age well?

These are some of the questions that I have asked many of my guests this year and their responses have been both insightful and entertaining. Join me for this final episode of 2022 as we look back at many of the guests I have interviewed and their take on many things including getting creative work done and living a good life.

194: Ryland Engelhart - Kiss the Ground

Ryland Engelhart is a philanthropist. He's a lover of people and of life. Rayland co-founded Kiss the Ground in his living room with a friend ten years ago. It's a nonprofit organization that he leads today as executive director. Ryan is also the producer of The Kiss the Ground documentary and the co-creator of the documentary film “May I Be Frank?” He's also co-owner and formerly served as Mission Fulfillment Officer of the nationally recognized plant-based restaurants Café Gratitude and Gracias Madre, located in Southern California.

193: Diane Dreher - The Tao of Inner Peace

Diane Dreher is the writer of The Tao of Inner Peace as well as other nonfiction books, and her work has been translated into ten languages. She is an award-winning positive psychology researcher and her work blends wisdom from the past with contemporary psychology and neuroscience. Her work combines knowledge of the western world with traditions of the eastern world including many insights from the Tao Te Ching. Her work helps teach people to live with the pains of life without also suffering.

192: David Bradford - Connect: Building Exceptional Relationships with Family, Friends, and Colleagues

David Bradford is the author of Connect: Building Exceptional Relationships with Family, Friends, and Colleagues. He has taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business for over 50 years and helped to cultivate a course affectionately known as “touchy-feely” where he has coached and consulted with hundreds of people to help them cultivate excellent relationships.

191: David Kadavy - Mind Management, Not Time Management: Productivity When Creativity Matters

David Kadavy is the author of multiple books, including Mind Management, Not Time Management: Productivity when Creativity Matters and The Heart to Start: Stop Procrastinating and Start Creating, and a book called Design for Hackers. David has spoken at South by Southwest, TEDx and his writings have been featured in The Observer, The Huffington Post, Ink Magazine, Quartz, McSweeney's, Upworthy, Lifehacker, and many other places. In addition to his writing and publications, he is also the creator and host of the Love Your Work podcast.

190: Coaches Commonplace Book - Episode #5

The Coaches Commonplace Book is a candid extention to the School for Good Living Podcast. My co-host and fellow member of the Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches group, Dean Miles, joins me to dive deeper into what it means to be a coach, find fulfillment, and ultimately to live good lives. This series includes several fun thinking activities where we explore quotations and news articles. 

189: Sam Carpenter - Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less

Sam Carpenter is the author of Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less. Sam is an author, an entrepreneur, and has extensive experience in a variety of fields, including engineering, journalism, publishing, surveying, forestry, construction management, telecommunications, and a myriad of other blue- and white-collar enterprises and jobs. Sam has owned and operated Centratel, the leading telephone answering service in the United States, for nearly 40 years.

188: AJ Jacobs - The Puzzler: One Man's Quest to Solve the Most Baffling Puzzles Ever

My guest today, AJ Jacobs, is a man who's in the puzzle business. He can help you solve puzzles. He can help you live a more meaningful, happier, healthier life by cultivating something he calls the puzzle mindset. His most recent book is called The Puzzler: One Man's Quest to Solve the Most Baffling Puzzles Ever, from crosswords to jigsaw puzzles to the meaning of life. AJ sees his life as a series of experiments in which he immerses himself in a project or lifestyle, for better or for worse. And then he writes about what he's learned. The puzzler...

187: Ralph De La Rosa - Don't Tell Me to Relax: Emotional Resilience in the Age of Rage, Feels, and Freak-Outs

Ralph De La Rosa teaches about two things, the suffering that comes from emotional confusion and the freedom that comes from emotional intelligence. Ralph began practicing meditation in 1996 and has taught meditation since 2008. He was a student of Amma's, the hugging saint, for 16 years. He began studying Buddhism in 2005. Ralph’s work has been featured in the New York Post, CNN, Tricycle, GQ, Women's Health, and many other publications and podcasts. Ralph is a PTSD, depression, and opioid addiction survivor, and their work is inspired by the tremendous transformation he's experienced through meditation, yoga, and therapy.

186: Coaches Commonplace Book - Episode #4

Dean Miles is a fellow member of the Marshall Goldsmith 100 coaches group. Dean joins me in this special series where we dive into some of our philosophies about coaching and good living.

185: Tamar Haspel - Tamar Haspel – To Boldly Grow: Finding Joy, Adventure, and Dinner in Your Own Backyard

Tamar Haspel coined the term first-hand food. Food that you grow, you cultivate, you forage for, you fish for, or you hunt for so that you get yourself. Tamar writes the James Beard Award-winning Washington Post column “Unearthed,” which covers the intersection of food and science, exploring how what we eat affects us and our planet. She's also written for Discovery, Slate, Fortune Eater, Edible, Cape Cod, and other magazines and publications.

184: Leah Weiss - How We Work: Live Your Purpose, Reclaim Your Sanity, and Embrace the Daily Grind

Leah Weiss, Ph.D. is an author and a speaker who helps leaders be better humans. Leah has taught and spoken in more than 100 organizations worldwide, including Goldman Sachs, Nasser, the European Commission, Google Intuit, and more. Her work has been covered by outlets including the New York Times, BBC TEDx, The Financial Times, A Harvard Business Review, and on and on. She created the highly popular leading with mindfulness and compassion course at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and she’s a founding faculty member of Stanford's Compassion Cultivation Program, which was conceived by the Dalai Lama. Leah co-founded...

183: Gary Ferguson - The Eight Master Lessons of Nature: What Nature Teaches Us About Living Well in the World

Gary Ferguson has written 27 books on Science and Nature, including a book called “The Eight Master Lessons of Nature: What Nature Teaches us About Living Well in the World.” Gary’s most recent book is called “Full Ecology: Repairing Our Relationship with the Natural World.” Garry has created an organization called Full Ecology with a cultural psychologist named Mary Clare, who is not only has co-founder and partner, but also his wife. Gary describes full ecology as an idea and an organization dedicated to breaking down the walls between the human psyche and the natural world. Together, he and Mary...

182: Coaches Commonplace Book - Episode #3

Dean Miles is a fellow member of the Marshall Goldsmith 100 coaches group. Dean joins me in this special series where we dive into some of our philosophies about coaching and good living.

181: Steven Kotler - The Devil's Dictionary

Steven Kotler is a New York Times bestselling author and an award-winning journalist. He is the Executive Director of the Flow Research Collective, as well as the co-host of a podcast by the same name. He is one of the world’s leading experts on human performance and has appeared in over 100 publications. In addition, he has been nominated for two Pulitzer Prizes. In his latest book, The Devil’s Dictionary, he writes about what the world could look like in 15 years if we manage to solve some of the biggest problems we face as a species and what adjustments...

180: David McRaney - How Minds Change: The Surprising Science of Belief, Opinion, and Persuasion

David McRaney is a science journalist fascinated with brains, minds, and culture. David is the creator of the blog, the book, and the podcast called “You Are Not So Smart.” His most recent book is “How Minds Change: The Surprising Science of Belief, Opinion, and Persuasion.” In this book, David writes “You are about to gain a superpower. A step-by-step script of how to change people's minds on any topic without coercion, by simply asking the right kinds of questions in the right order.” That's a pretty bold claim, but David has traveled the world to learn from experts in...

179: Coaches Commonplace Book - Episode #2

Join us in this unique podcast episode with my co-host, Dean Miles, and I explore a new thought activity where we read the headline of a magazine cover and share what things we would include if we were to write the articles ourselves.

178: Britt Frank - The Science of Stuck: Breaking Through Inertia to Find Your Path Forward

Britt Frank is the writer of “The Science of Stuck: Breaking Through Inertia to Find Your Path Forward.” Britt’s upbringing exposed her to a lot of the things she now studies and the things that she helps others to understand about themselves. Her approach to therapy focuses on the physical reality of mental health by targeting the physiological processes that drive our sometimes illogical or unwanted decisions. She uses this knowledge to help others understand their different parts and how to effectively interact with them as an effective method of self-care.

177: Bernd Heinrich - Racing the Clock: Running Across a Lifetime

Bernd Heinrich is the author of more than 12 books and 100 scientific papers. His most recent book is “Racing the Clock, Running Across a Lifetime.” Bernd holds many records as a runner. He ran a sub-two-minute half mile, at one point he set the American national records for any age in ultramarathon distances of 100 kilometers, 200 kilometers, 100 miles, and the longest distance run in 24 hours, totaling 156.8 miles. For many years Bernd’s work focused on the comparative physiology of insects, where he studied bumblebee behavior. He studied moths. He studied caterpillars very closely and their ecology...

176: Coaches Commonplace Book - Episode #1

Coaching and writing are two very powerful tools that can be used to help and benefit others. Today my co-host Dean Miles joins me for a candid interview about coaching, writing fulfillment, and our objectives for this new podcast series. Stay tuned for this unique and engaging series where we dive deep into some creative thinking exercises that help us to learn more, understand deeper, and live better.

175: Raymond Moody - Life After Life: The Original Investigation Revealing Near Death Experiences

Raymond Moody has a Ph.D., he's also a medical doctor, a world-renowned scholar, lecturer, and researcher. And he's widely recognized as the leading authority on near-death experiences, as he coined the term. He's the bestselling author, the bestselling author of many books, including Life After Life, Glimpses of Eternity, The Light Beyond Coming Back, and more. His work profoundly illuminates our understanding of death, dying, and grief, and offers compelling answers to the question Is there an afterlife? Dr. Moody has several books including My Life in Pursuit of the Afterlife and his latest book called God Is Bigger Than...

174: David J Helfand - A Survival Guide to the Misinformation Age: Scientific Habits of Mind

David J Helfand is the chairman of the American Institute of Physics, past President of the American Astronomical Society, and has been a faculty member at Columbia University for 45 years. He's authored nearly 200 scientific publications and mentored 22 Ph.D. students. But most of his teaching has involved teaching science to non-science majors. David instituted the first change in Columbia's core curriculum in 50 years by introducing science to all first-year students. David's book is A Survival Guide to the Misinformation Age: Scientific Habits of Mind.

173: Kim Scott - Just Work: How to Root Out Bias, Prejudice, and Bullying to Build a Kick-Ass Culture of Inclusivity

Kim Scott is the author of several very impactful books, some of which you may have heard of, such as "Radical Candor," that give some very useful perspectives on how to give feedback, and how to receive feedback. Her latest book is called "Just Work: How to Root Out Bias, Prejudice, and Bullying to Build a Kickass Culture of Inclusivity." Kim was a CEO coach at Dropbox, Qualtrics, Twitter, and other tech companies. She was a member of the faculty at Apple University and before that led teams at Google, including AdSense. She also managed a pediatric clinic in Kosovo...

172: John Philip Newell - John Philip Newell is a Celtic teacher and author of spirituality, who calls the modern world to reawaken to t

John Philip Newell is a Celtic teacher and author of spirituality, who calls the modern world to reawaken to the sacredness of the Earth and every human being. John Philip's most recent book is called "Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul: Celtic Wisdom for Reawakening to What Our Souls Know and Healing the World." John Philip began the School of Earth and Soul, which was originally called the School of Celtic Consciousness. Reading John Philip's book and talking to him today has inspired me in so many ways. John Philip’s writing and his teaching offers the possibility of leaving others living and...

171: Phil M Jones - Exactly What to Say: The Magic Words for Influence and Impact

Phil Jones is the author of seven Best-Selling Business Books, and he is the creator of the Exactly series, including "Exactly What to Say: The Magic Words for Influence and Impact." Phil is an entrepreneurial success story who has founded five multi-million-dollar companies. Phil is a dual citizen of the United States and England, which comes with a lot of great perspectives. Phil is one of less than 200 living members of the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame and the youngest winner of the British Excellence of Sales and Marketing Award.

170: Ron Lieber - The Opposite of Spoiled: How to Raise Kids Who Are Grounded, Generous, and Smart About Money

Ron Lieber is the author of the “Your Money” column for The New York Times and the author or co-author of five books. His most recent book is called “The Price You Pay for College: An Entirely New Roadmap for the Biggest Financial Decision Your Family Will Ever Make.” He's also written for Fast Company for The Wall Street Journal and for Fortune Magazine. Ron is a three-time winner of the Gerald Loeb Award, which is the most prestigious award in business journalism. Part of that is because his writing is not only enjoyable to read, but it's also practical.

169: David Henkin - The Week: A History of the Unnatural Rhythms That Made Us Who We Are

David Henkin is a life-long historian specializing in uncovering the ancestral events that are the roots to many of the social norms of today. He has published many of his findings in books that are available nationwide. I invited David onto the show today because I read his latest book “The Week: A History of the Unnatural Rhythms That Made Us Who We Are” and found it incredibly insightful. In the book David explains the events that led to the phenomenon of the entire world unanimously adopting the structure of the seven-day week, and the many revisions that structure has...

168: Suzanne McConnell - Pity the Reader: On Writing with Style

Suzanne McConnell is the author of “Pity the Reader: On Writing with Style”. Suzanne was a student and a friend of Kurt Vonnegut's, and she was asked to write this book by Kurt's Trust. Kurt is the author of Slaughterhouse-five and several other works of primary fiction, but also nonfiction. He shares many stories from his life in ways that were sometimes humorous, sometimes touching, but almost always entertaining. In this book, Suzanne includes Kurt Vonnegut’s instructions and advice about writing, work and family balance, and sharing our talents.

167: Adam Stern - Committed: Dispatches From a Psychiatrist in Training

Adam Stern, M.D. Adam is the author of "Committed: Dispatches From a Psychiatrist in Training." It's a memoir Adam wrote about his time learning to become a psychiatrist, which involved overcoming imposter syndrome and learning the value of human connection. Adam is well studied in psychology, medicine, psychiatry, clinical neurosciences, all kinds of smart, academic scientific stuff. But he's a very approachable human being. He's currently an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard, and he has won several awards for psychiatry, for writing, and excellence in medical education, and he's also published more than two dozen scholarly publications.

166: Matt Alt - Pure Invention: How Japan Made the Modern World

Matt Alt is a Tokyo-based translator, writer, and speaker. He has written for or writes for The New Yorker, CNN, Wired, Slate, The Japan Times, Newsweek Japan, Vice, and more. Matt’s curiosity and love for Japanese culture and inventions have led him to find the creators of what he calls "Fantasy Delivery Devices"; gadgets that changed our lives, things like the karaoke machine, the Walkman, the Nintendo entertainment system, the Gameboy characters like Hello Kitty and the Pokémon. He’s also tracked the roots of strange new forms of digital expression like the Tamagotchi, Emoji, anonymous imageboards, and he discovered how...

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