Podcast Episode 175
with our guest Raymond Moody

Life After Life: The Original Investigation Revealing Near Death Experiences


Raymond Moody has a Ph.D., he’s also a medical doctor, a world-renowned scholar, lecturer, and researcher. And he’s widely recognized as the leading authority on near-death experiences, as he coined the term. He’s the bestselling author, the bestselling author of many books, including Life After Life, Glimpses of Eternity, The Light Beyond Coming Back, and more. His work profoundly illuminates our understanding of death, dying, and grief, and offers compelling answers to the question Is there an afterlife? Dr. Moody has several books including My Life in Pursuit of the Afterlife and his latest book called God Is Bigger Than the Bible.

Show Notes

In this conversation for the School for Good Living, Raymond Joins Brilliant to discuss philosophy and nonsense. Raymond shares commonly reported experiences of those who have died and returned to life. Dr. Moody is a skeptic, as he says. He draws no particular conclusion, although he does have his own experiences, including his own near-death experience. If you are a seeker, if you’re curious, if you want to understand the universe or life more fully, you might enjoy this conversation.

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