Podcast Episode 197
with our guest Colin Campbell

Finding the Words: Working Through Profound Loss with Hope and Purpose


Colin Campbell is an author who knows a lot about grief. When Colin and his family were hit by a drunk and high driver that killed his two children, his life was sent into a whirlwind of grief, pain, and isolation. This grief led him to write “Finding the Words: Working Through Profound Loss with Hope and Purpose” to help us understand what it takes to accompany people in their grieving process. His personal experiences has helped him to navigate the human tendencies that we all face when we experience loss or in our efforts to accompany others through their pain and grief.

Show Notes

In this Interview on the School for Good Living Podcast, Colin joins me to talk about confronting pain to help us have good living. In this interview, we discuss the profound losses that we face in life and some techniques we can use more quickly and fully get to places of peace, joy, and love. We also discuss some of the hardest parts of helping others who are grieving and finding the words to help them through it. Colin believes that we can all find common ground in the ways that we grieve despite the individual ways that we all find to avoid it. Ultimately, this conversation with Colin can help us to navigate being with others who are grieving and how to open ourselves to others when we are the ones in that position.

“A lot of the trouble in the world comes from avoiding pain.”


This week on the School for Good Living Podcast:

  • Understanding profound loss
  • Colin’s motivation to write Finding the Words and the crash that killed his children
  • Accompanying people in their grief
  • Deciding to say yes when our pain guides us to say no
  • How to be a friend to someone in grief
  • Taking action on pain and grief

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