Podcast Episode 198
with our guest Neal Allen

Better Days: Tame Your Inner Critic


Neal Allen is a spiritual coach and a speaker whose chief concern is removing obstacles of the ego. Neal has written a book called Better Days: Tame Your Inner Critic, the subject of most of our conversation here today. This is Neal’s second time on the School for Good Living podcast after our first conversation about his book called Shapes of Truth: Discover God Inside You.

Show Notes

In this interview on the School for Good Living Podcast, Neal joins me to talk about our inner critic. Sometimes Neal refers to it as a parasite. You might call it your conscience or your superego. But Neal distinguishes that it is not you. It’s a part of you. He talks about how it forms, what its purpose is, and how we can live healthier, happier lives when we learn to manage our inner critic and make space for our authentic self. We also talk about how we can live with less anxiety, have more fulfilling relationships, and be more content more often. In this conversation, Neal also shares what he learned from a six-month experiment he conducted in his own life where he said yes to every opportunity, invitation, and request that was made to him and what he learned from it.

“It’s not necessary to seek for love, only to find and remove the obstacles we’ve built against it.” – Neal Allen

This week on the School for Good Living Podcast:

  • Neal’s belief and practice that people are naturally respectful
  • Saying yes to everything for 6 months and its lasting impact on Neal
  • Defining and overcoming “the parasite”, “the gremlin”, and the superego
  • Turning Win, Lose, or Draw into Yes, No, or Maybe

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