Podcast Episode 157
with our guest Sadhguru

Karma: A Yogi’s Guide to Creating Your Destiny


Sadhguru is a yogi, a mystic, and an author of many books. His most recent book, as mentioned in this interview, is A Yogi’s Guide to Creating Your Destiny. He is no stranger to public speaking, having been an invited guest to the United Nations, Harvard, MIT, World Economic Forum, and so many more. In his work, Sadhguru has devoted himself to the betterment of mankind and this planet as both a humanitarian and environmentalist.

Show Notes

For today’s short interview, we focus in on Sadhguru’s new Green Earth Initiative; a group focused on informing the world of the facts regarding environmental decline, and it’s hopeful reversal. We discuss the importance of this planet, it’s fragile ecology, and the surprising cause of it’s decline. We also talk about the importance of soil, and how it is the root of all life. Lastly, we discuss his tips to writing a book and where to look for inspiration.

“Everything that’s happening to you…is entirely your making because human experience comes from within”

This week on the School for Good Living Podcast:

  • The purpose of life here on this planet
  • The human experience
  • Action over inspiration
  • The degradation of our soil
  • The next steps

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