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World's #1 Leadership Thinker - part 2
with Marshall Goldsmith
Marshall Goldsmith joins me again today to discuss his stakeholder-centered approach to coaching and how it creates a constellation of accountability. He shares his coaching philosophy and why he believes it’s harder to change people’s perception than it is to change your own behavior. He explains why he decided to offer performance-based coaching rates and the benefits he’s received with this pricing model. He also shares his book writing process, why he recommends working with a co-author, and how to determine which field you want to become recognized as a world-class expert.
World's #1 Leadership Thinker - part 1
with Marshall Goldsmith
Marshall Goldsmith joins me today to discuss internal and external validation and how getting them mixed up can make us feel like an impostor or victim. He shares the biggest mistakes many coaches make and how to become a more effective leader. He discusses the challenges of achieving long-lasting changes in behavior, strategies to achieve it, and the importance of letting others know your goals for creating lasting change in your life and career. He also shares his coaching philosophy, the difference between feedforward and feedback, and his advice for other coaches and service-driven professionals.
with Bryan Miller
This week in my 5th solo podcast episode, I’m going to explore five questions on the topic of authenticity. In my coaching practice I find this topic to be one that everyone wrestles with. What does it mean to be authentic? What does it mean to feel comfortable in your own skin and how can we do it? One of the questions that I like to ask people that I work with when I coach is who’s the most authentic person you know and what about them makes you think they’re authentic? What you need to know is you don’t...
with Bryan Miller
So as I prepared for this solo cast I thought, what could I share that might be of value to you? I want to do two things: 1) I want to share with you a story about my six year old daughter, and 2) I want to invite you to really think about your own routine. Is your routine supporting you? As a coach I have seen (I've seen in my own life as well), that all human behavior is a series of patterns. Maybe today is an opportunity to really look at that and consciously map out what your...
with Bryan Miller
Today I want to share with you, in case it’s useful to you, a bit about my journey to creating the Life’s Best Practices Breakthrough Coaching Program. I suspect that you also have something you want to create or something you’re in the middle of creating and you might be wondering, is it worth it? You have a gift, something that you want to share. We all have gifts and talents, but how can you share that with others in a way that’s ultimately fulfilling? At one point in my life I wanted to write and see produced my own...
with Bryan Miller
Welcome to the School for Good Living podcast. This is the 2nd solo episode this month and it’s just you, me, and my producer Dallan. Today I open up about my own struggles with identity and how a sweat lodge experience in New Mexico helped me clarify the constant questions – Who am I? What do I want? Why am I here? Challenging questions that we carry most of our lives but rarely get the opportunity to dedicate our awareness to. There is this idea that any one of us is so much more than anything we could possibly use...
Exploring Good Living
with Bryan Miller
Hello my friends, it’s Bryan here. This month I’ve chosen to focus on our relationship and explore what it means to be a listener. Sitting in a sound booth, I have no idea where this podcast goes, who receives it, or what impact it might have. I might not know you, I might’ve met you before, or you might be my best friend. I want to build this relationship a little further by sharing with you a little bit about me and about the School for Good Living – what it is, why it exists, and what it could do...
with Carl Honore
My guest today is Carl Honoré, author of a book called In Praise of Slowness: Challenging the Cult of Speed. Carl is an award winning writer, broadcaster, and TEDTalk speaker. He’s considered the voice of the global slow movement and talks about how to thrive in a fast world by slowing down. His TED talk on this same subject has been viewed more than 3 million times. He spent a decade working as a journalist before really diving in to this slow movement thing. He makes the point that when we slow down (at the right moments) that ultimately we’re...
with Clark Strand
Today my guest is Clark Strand, author of Waking Up To The Dark: Ancient Wisdom For A Sleepless Age. Clark is someone who has written six books and several well known publications. In this interview Clark talks about something called bimodal sleep and he shares research done by a doctor named Thomas Wehr. Dr. Wehr was looking for human beings’ primordial pattern of sleep – wanting to know how did human beings sleep before the electrical age. We also touch on light pollution – what it’s doing to our environment and what it’s doing to our bodies. Clark shares the...
with Dean Burnett
My conversation today is with Dean Burnett. Dean is a neuroscientist, a lecturer, an author, a blogger or podcaster, a pundit science communicator, and comedian. Dean discusses with us his book, “Idiot Brain, What Your Head Is Really Up To”. It’s one of five books that he’s written in the last few years. This book goes through and takes a look at why we do the things we do and offers some of the latest scientific rationale, but in a very humorous way. We talk about depression and mental illness, something he’s written about extensively. We talk about the blog...

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