Podcast Episode 149
with our guest Tony Bartelme

A Surgeon in the Village: The Impact One Person Can Have


Tony Bartelme is a Three-Time Pulitzer Prize nominee, narrative storyteller, and investigative journalist. He has recently spent five months in Tanzania in order to capture and tell the story of brilliant brain surgeon Dilan Ellegala, which began with a post-residency vacation and ended with a revolution of Tanzania’s medical training programs. Tony documented Dilan’s story in a book which he titled A Surgeon in the Village: An American Doctor Teaches Brain Surgery in Africa.

Show Notes

Tony joins me today to discuss the impact that a single individual can have, especially the amazing change wrought out by surgeon Dilan Ellagala in Tanzania. We talk about the global shortage of doctors and the immense number of lives that could be saved each year if they only had access to proper surgical care. We also touch on the importance of teaching, and the passing on of our knowledge for the betterment of others. Lastly, we discuss Tony’s unique writing and reporting process.

“Failure is a gift, as long as you learn from it”

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