Podcast Episode 150
with our guest Mike Finkel

Lessons from 27 years Alone in the Woods and other Incredible True Tales


Mike Finkel’s bio reads more like Indiana Jones than a Journalist. He has traveled the world in his work for various magazines including climbing volcanos, delving into caves, meeting with native tribes in Tanzania, ascending the mountains of Afghanistan, hunting for extremely rare mushrooms in Tibet, and even investigating the black market human organ trade. He has written various, nonfiction books across a wide range of topics and has another on the way.

Show Notes

Mike joins me this week to discuss his latest book, A Stranger In the Woods, which revolves around a man who spent 27 years in the woods of Maine without ever coming in contact with a single person or even lighting a fire. We talk about Mike’s unique creative process and how he chooses the topics for his books. We also talk about how unique and valuable ever person’s story is.

“I believe that everybody has a fascinating story to tell, and nobody, if you ask the right questions, is really boring”

This week on the School For Good Living Podcast:

  • The life of a writer
  • Studying the world’s last hermit
  • How to develop crucial interviewing skills
  • No story is boring
  • Pursuing what interests you

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