Podcast Episode 153
with our guest David McRaney

You Are Not So Smart


David McRaney has worked as an editor, a photographer, a voiceover artist, a television host, a public speaker, a TV producer, and a journalist. David, being a deeply intelligent and thoughtful man, has focused his work on revealing the self-delusions and cognitive biases by which we live our lives. He has written a book called You Are Not So Smart and also runs a blog and podcast by the same name to help provide the world with his findings.

Show Notes

David joins me today to discuss this phenomenon of self-delusion, and how each of us sees the world differently. We talk about how our experiences can change the way we view the world, and his deep desire to better understand and know himself. We also touch on how we managed to write his last book while his house was hit by a tornado, and other challenges he faced while writing his books.

“You will find a place in your life where you can extract value from the chaos.”

This week on the School For Good Living Podcast:

  • Our understanding of the world is always changing
  • Writing through a tornado
  • The powerful influence of PTSD
  • How a mindset can help you lose weight
  • The wrong way to influence people
  • Always challenge your assumptions

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