Podcast Episode 154
with our guest Todd Rose

Dark Horse: Achieving Success Through The Pursuit of Fulfillment


Todd Rose is an extraordinary man. Convinced we has a bad student, he performed poorly in school and even dropped out of college. Little did he know he would later gain a PHD and become a professor at Harvard University. Todd has since been fascinated with the idea of motivation, and has founded the nonprofit Populace to help transform how we learn, work, and live to help us live more fulfilling lives.

Show Notes

Todd joins us today to discuss the relationship between motivation, and the pursuit of happiness. We talk about the phenomenon of the Dark Horse, a person who finds fulfillment in going against the system. We also discuss the definition of fulfillment, as well as the power and productivity that comes when we prioritize fulfillment over other daily motivations. Lastly, we talk about the writing process and how Todd has written his books.

“There is nothing to be had for you achieving on someone else’s view of a good life.”

This week on the School For Good Living Podcast:

  • Motivations, what are they?
  • Dark Horses and what drives them
  • How to understand your micro motivations
  • The key to finding fulfillment
  • Society is positive-sum
  • Ignoring society’s definition of a good life

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