Podcast Episode 152
with our guest Aaron Berkowitz

One by One by One: Making A Small Difference Amid a Billion Problems


Dr. Aaron Berkowitz is a leading voice in neurology, global health and medical education. He’s also concerned and involved with issues of social justice. Aaron has written a book called One by One by One: Making a Small Difference Amid a Billion Problems, to inspire others to see the world differently and get involved in making a positive change.

Show Notes

Aaron joins me today to discuss the immense comforts we take for granted in this country, and in particular, modern medicine. We discuss his trips to Haiti and the immense poverty he witnessed in a place that was only a four-hour flight from his home in Boston. Lastly, we touch on his writing process and his message to us all about how we can help change the world.

“There are no failures, only failures of imagination.”

This week on the School For Good Living Podcast:

  • The value of not knowing
  • An unstructured path into a very structured career
  • Haiti and its rich history
  • Voluntourism: does it actually help?
  • How to become a powerful storyteller

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