Podcast Episode 146
with our guest Michael Moss

Hooked: How the Food Giants Exploit Our Addictions


Michael Moss is a Pulitzer prize winning reporter and author of Hooked: Food, Free Will, and How the Food Giants Exploit Our Addictions. Michael is known for his work as an investigative reporter and his time spent digging into the food industry and their questionable tactics. He has been a reporter for the Wall Street Journal before joining the New York Times in 2000. He has been a guest on various talk shows, including The Daily Show and CBS This Morning.

Show Notes

Michael joins me today to discuss the life of an investigative reporter. We talk about some of his greatest discoveries and how he dug them up. We also talk at length about the food industry and how they have adapted their products to play to our natural inclination towards sugar. He details to me a dilemma between the “go” brain and the “stop” brain; and how sugar can confuse the two. We finish by talking about the creative process and how it differs for investigative reporters.

“You can’t jog off junk food.”


This week on the School For Good Living Podcast:

  • Addiction, what is it?
  • Memory’s influence on addiction
  • The faster the substance is processed, the greater the impact
  • How fat impacts our ability to process information
  • How to tell good stories

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