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82: Mark Nepo - Creating Your Own Destiny
Mark Nepo joins me today to discuss his relationship with feelings and how he allows fear to exist without drowning in it. He shares why we can’t be all things to all people, and why we need to take the time to intentionally clear our minds and not give in to a “fill it up” world. Mark also highlights his relationship with poetry and how poems are his teachers and the building blocks of his work.
81: Mark Nepo - Creating Your Own Destiny
Mark Nepo joins me today to discuss how nearly dying of cancer opened him up to the miraculous aspects of life. He shares the role of inner discovery in book writing, and why you should be open to receive, rather than merely “making use” of writing material. Mark also highlights the power of expression, creativity, artistry, staying close to the pulse of life, and why what you perceive as artistic failure may be something to lean into.
80: Brilliant Miller - Special Release - Covidcast 5 - Move, Breathe
In this episode of our special podcast series, Bryan focuses on Life’s Best Practices – Move, Breathe, and how pausing to properly breathe can improve every aspect of your day.
79: Brilliant Miller - Special Release - Covidcast 4 - Energy
In this episode of our special podcast series, Bryan focuses on Life's Best Practices - Energy, and how to gain the motivation to live a healthy and rewarding life.
78: Brilliant Miller - Special Release - Covidcast 3 - Time
In this episode of our special podcast series, Bryan focuses on Life’s Best Practices – Time, and how to visualize the ideal day that brings us a sense of joy and satisfaction.
77: Brilliant Miller - Special Release - Covidcast2 - Love
In this episode of our special podcast series, Bryan focuses on Life's Best Practices - Love, and a better understanding of what it is and how we can apply these days where many of us are learning greater insights into our relationships.
75: Sydney Campos - Experiencing & Embodying Empathy
Sydney Campos joins me today to discuss her work with energy and crystals and our power as individuals to create the energetic experiences we wish to have. She shares her journey to becoming an author, what her creative process for writing looks like, and how she views her book in terms of energetic currency. Sydney also highlights her upcoming book and how she intends to share it with an energy of celebration.
76: Brilliant Miller - Special Release - Covidcast1 - Presence
In this special podcast release, Bryan introduces Life's Best Practices - Presence, and how implementing it can give us the hope necessary to overcome turbulent situations. If you find yourself lacking in hope during the Covid-10 pandemic (or any time for that matter), this is the podcast for you.
74: Sydney Campos - Experiencing & Embodying Empathy
Sydney Campos joins me today to discuss the concept of empathy, what it means to be an empath, and what you may experience if you are unaware that you are an empath. She discusses her journey with drug and alcohol abuse, the underlying factors that contributed to her decade-long battle, and insights for those who might be going through similar issues. Sydney also highlights why you shouldn’t try to rescue people who exhibit destructive behavior and how prioritizing your energy can help others stand in their power as well.
73: Stephen G. Post - Synchronicity & Spirituality
Stephen G. Post joins me today to discuss his views on love, loyalty, and his concept of “carefrontation.” He shares the importance of redefining success and intentionally celebrating the lives of our loved ones. We discuss the power of utilizing quiet morning moments to connect spiritually. Stephen also highlights how everyone’s life has depth and can be a starting point for crafting stories that people will want to read.
72: Stephen G. Post - Synchronicity & Spirituality
Stephen G. Post joins me today to discuss the contents of his book God and Love on Route 80 and a dream he experienced several times that ultimately ended up finding its way into his life. Stephen shares the philosophies and themes he teaches on, and why he believes in the power of synchronicity. Stephen also highlights the unusual way he has personally experienced synchronicity and the positive impact of living for others.
71: Scott Young - How to Learn Anything
Scott Young joins me today to discuss his views on sleep and money. He highlights his approach to writing articles and some notable individuals who have inspired and influenced him creatively. Scott also shares the impact he hopes to make through his books and his life, and how approaching your life through the lens of learning can be beneficial.
70: Scott Young - How to Learn Anything
Scott Young joins me today to discuss his philosophies on how you can master any learning endeavor you set out on. He shares his experience with language learning and whether or not children are more capable of becoming multilingual than adults. Scott also offers a helpful perspective on topics including focus, procrastination, and motivation that can help you approach your life, study, and work endeavors more effectively.
69: Sophie Chiche - The Power of Personal Accountability
In this interview Sophie talks about how she used to weigh more than 350 lbs and made the significant change to lose and keep off more than half that weight. We talk about the mindset and behavior that allowed her to achieve such a massive transformation which also led Sophie to founding Shape House, an urban sweat lodge, and her creative process to writing her books.
68: Michael Bungay Stanier - Embrace Curiosity & Steer Clear of the Advice Trap
Michael Bungay Stanier joins me today to discuss his views on commitment, change, and the role of curiosity in shifting people’s behaviors and mindsets. He highlights the difference between easy and hard change, how to make the desired shifts in your life, and the importance of uncovering individual challenges. Michael also shares his insights on coaching and highlights questions that can help shift conversations from advice to curiosity and create space for deeper insight.
67: Lewis Mehl-Madrona - History, Ceremony and Creative Wisdom
Lewis Mehl-Madrona joins me today to discuss the power of indigenous wisdom and why he believes that people must be aware of the real history of indigenous people in this nation. He shares insights surrounding his creative process as an author, and why it is crucial to be disciplined in your writing instead of waiting for the inspiration to hit. Lewis also highlights several books and authors who have had a profound impact on him and his advice for writers seeking to improve their craft.
66: Lewis Mehl-Madrona - History, Ceremony and Creative Wisdom
Lewis Mehl-Madrona joins me today to discuss the mystery of memory and how what we do and don’t remember can set the groundwork for writing new stories and changing our life trajectory. He shares his insights on energy, ritual, and the power of prayer, and how a single metaphorical snowflake can trigger an avalanche. Lewis also shares his insight on the healthcare system’s approach to healing and the impact of ceremony in creating significant, lasting change in people’s lives.
65: Nick Egan - Breaking Free of Our Perspective Prisons
Nick joins me today to discuss why he believes our thoughts and emotions are similar and why he compares emotions to firecrackers. We discuss the importance of embracing our thoughts and emotions and the negative spiral that is created by suppressing them. We also discuss Nick’s perspective on using meditation to embrace your emotions, why some people find it difficult to see positive results from meditation, and why Nick believes life is like an ‘endless knot of discovery.’
64: Nick Egan - Breaking Free of Our Perspective Prisons
Nick Egan joins me today to share how he discovered Zen and Buddhist practices and why it appealed to him. We explore how we often become the prisoner of our own perspectives and how we can liberate ourselves from these prisons. Nick shares strategies and practices we can use to transform our limitations and explains how we can use our thoughts and emotions to diminish the adverse impact of disempowering emotions. Nick also shares what inspired him to write his book, Shift: The Art of Transforming Limitations, and the lessons and insight he hopes readers will gain from it.
63: Lydia Slaby - Wait, It Gets Worse Part 2
Lydia joins me today to discuss insight into her creative process while writing "Wait, It Gets Worse" as well as her writing routine and the dynamic between her and her editor throughout the process. Lydia shares when and where her love of writing began, and when she realized she wanted to transform her story and passion for writing into the creation of a book. Lydia also highlights the importance of feeling complete with your story by the end of your initial writing process, so you feel ready to release and surrender to the ins and outs of editing and publishing...
62: Lydia Slaby - Wait, It Gets Worse Part 1
Lydia Slaby joins me today to discuss her book Wait, It Gets Worse, and some of the universal life lessons and insights that readers can gain from reading the memoir. She shares her story and discussed how her cancer journey put a stop sign in the road, allowing her the chance to pause and move forward with renewed direction and self-awareness. Lydia also shares the importance of tuning into all aspects of ourselves - mind, body, and spirit - and why it is crucial to ensure that you are indeed a human being, not merely a human doing.
61: Hal Elrod - Winning the Day, One Morning at a Time
Hal Elrod joins me today to discuss the power of The Miracle Morning and how it has up-leveled the lives of people around the world by laying the groundwork for more intentional, purpose-driven days. He shares the importance of choosing a mindset of gratitude, even when facing adversity, and what it takes to truly enact change in our lives. Hal also highlights how our alarm clocks can represent either the day’s first gift or the day’s first challenge and how small actions can be catalysts for large-scale change.
60: Bill Eddy - Dealing with High Conflict Personalities
Bill Eddy joins me again to discuss how heredity, the environment and culture, as well as your early childhood development are contributing factors in the development of your personality. We discuss limiting your exposure to social media and why it’s often challenging for us to limit that exposure. We also discuss why Bill strongly advises parents to control and limit what their children see on social media, why it’s critical for Americans to learn about high conflict personalities, and why all human behavior is merely a series of patterns.
59: Bill Eddy - Dealing with High Conflict Personalities
Bill Eddy joins me today to discuss the five types of toxic personalities that can ruin your life. We discuss how we can deal with high conflict personality types, the difference between personality disorders and people with HCP, and how someone can have a high conflict personality without having a personality disorder.
58: Marshall Goldsmith - World's #1 Leadership Thinker - part 2
Marshall Goldsmith joins me again today to discuss his stakeholder-centered approach to coaching and how it creates a constellation of accountability. He shares his coaching philosophy and why he believes it’s harder to change people’s perception than it is to change your own behavior. He explains why he decided to offer performance-based coaching rates and the benefits he’s received with this pricing model. He also shares his book writing process, why he recommends working with a co-author, and how to determine which field you want to become recognized as a world-class expert.
57: Marshall Goldsmith - World's #1 Leadership Thinker - part 1
Marshall Goldsmith joins me today to discuss internal and external validation and how getting them mixed up can make us feel like an impostor or victim. He shares the biggest mistakes many coaches make and how to become a more effective leader. He discusses the challenges of achieving long-lasting changes in behavior, strategies to achieve it, and the importance of letting others know your goals for creating lasting change in your life and career. He also shares his coaching philosophy, the difference between feedforward and feedback, and his advice for other coaches and service-driven professionals.
This week in my 5th solo podcast episode, I’m going to explore five questions on the topic of authenticity. In my coaching practice I find this topic to be one that everyone wrestles with. What does it mean to be authentic? What does it mean to feel comfortable in your own skin and how can we do it? One of the questions that I like to ask people that I work with when I coach is who’s the most authentic person you know and what about them makes you think they’re authentic? What you need to know is you don’t...
54: Brilliant Miller - DAILY DRIVER
So as I prepared for this solo cast I thought, what could I share that might be of value to you? I want to do two things: 1) I want to share with you a story about my six year old daughter, and 2) I want to invite you to really think about your own routine. Is your routine supporting you? As a coach I have seen (I've seen in my own life as well), that all human behavior is a series of patterns. Maybe today is an opportunity to really look at that and consciously map out what your...
53: Brilliant Miller - PATHS & PIVOTS
Today I want to share with you, in case it’s useful to you, a bit about my journey to creating the Life’s Best Practices Breakthrough Coaching Program. I suspect that you also have something you want to create or something you’re in the middle of creating and you might be wondering, is it worth it? You have a gift, something that you want to share. We all have gifts and talents, but how can you share that with others in a way that’s ultimately fulfilling? At one point in my life I wanted to write and see produced my own...
52: Brilliant Miller - BECOMING BRILLIANT
Welcome to the School for Good Living podcast. This is the 2nd solo episode this month and it’s just you, me, and my producer Dallan. Today I open up about my own struggles with identity and how a sweat lodge experience in New Mexico helped me clarify the constant questions – Who am I? What do I want? Why am I here? Challenging questions that we carry most of our lives but rarely get the opportunity to dedicate our awareness to. There is this idea that any one of us is so much more than anything we could possibly use...

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