Podcast Episode 123
with our guest Donald Rattner

My Creative Space: Design Your Home for Ideas and Innovation with Donald Rattner


Donald joins me today to discuss the origins of My Creative Space and who he felt the book was written for: the architects, design professionals, interior designers, and the people who are simply passionate about shaping their home or workspaces. He explains why he likes to link his creative philosophies to science backed theories in an effort to be as truthful and supported in his instruction as possible. We discuss how the act of creating can be considered a risky endeavor, creating our need for a safe space to produce creative output. We also discuss how the natural environment influences our mood and behaviors, how colors can affect where we direct our concentration, and how the shape of the ceiling you work under can have an enormous effect on your mood and sense of well-being. 


Quotables by Donald Rattner

“The word creativity has a long history and that the meanings do change over the millennia.”

“Creativity is the development of novel and useful ideas for products services and systems.”

“Creativity, health and happiness tend to fall on the same spectrum with respect to the surrounding environment, meaning that whatever cues or triggers or inputs in your environment improve creativity, tend to boost the other two as well.”

“Social norms to a great degree do kind of discourage us from being creative. So, it takes a certain amount of courage. Courage requires the sense of safe space -that I have the space to do this creative act.”

“It’s all about what we perceive, not necessarily what literally IS.”

Show Notes

This week on The School for Good Living:

  • Why Donald prefers to link his creative processes to science backed theory
  • How our environments influence health, happiness, and creativity
  • Why open spaces are conducive to open thinking
  • Why there is a discouragement of creativity in the general working world
  • The 3 main groups of Donald’s tactics that can contribute to unlocking a creative block
  • The book Donald has recommended more than any other
  • Donald’s writing process and the pivots of direction that led to the completion of My Creative Space
  • Why you should take breaks when undertaking a creative problem


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