Podcast Episode 133
with our guest Stephan Aarstol

The Five Hour Workday: Live Differently


Stephan Aarstol is the author of the book Five-Hour Workday: Live Differently, Unlock Productivity, and Find Happiness, which gives advice on how to live life to the fullest by cultivating more efficiency in fewer work hours. Stephan’s ideas have been shared in Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and he’s also presented at Harvard Business School. Stephan holds an MBA in New Venture Management, was a guest on the television series ‘Shark Tank’, won an investment from Mark Cuban, and is now founder and CEO of Tower Paddleboards and Tower Beach Club.

In this podcast, Stephan shares the origins of the 8-hour workday and his experience shifting his own employees to practicing the 5-hour workday. He dives into how the experiment came to be, the percentage increase in productivity, the people who influenced Stephan’s career, and the importance of company culture. Listen as Stephan brings you along on his journey of how he shifted his views on life and work.


“Time is the new money.” –Stephan Aarstol


Show Notes

This week on The School for Good Living Podcast:

  • The purpose of life and how to live to the fullest
  • The adventures that life can hold
  • How to look past the chaos and hardships of life
  • People who influenced Stephan’s life, career, and book
  • His experience on Shark Tank- the beginning idea, his pitch, and his career now
  • How to use your business to help people rather than to only make money
  • How Stephan helped grow his company
  • How the 5-hour workday increases productivity and creativity
  • The history of the 8-hour workday
  • Benefits of the 5-hour workday for employers and employees
  • How to rethink and innovate businesses to increase efficiency
  • How the 5-hour workday experiment unfolded
  • The impact of company culture
  • The biggest influencers and lessons learned on this 5-hour workday experiment
  • Stephan shares some of the daily routines his company practices
  • Stephan shares some book and travel recommendations
  • Stephan talks about developing habits, making relationships, and the truth about money
  • His routine in writing and the importance of good marketing
  • The process of Stephen’s book becoming a reality
  • Stephan shares advice and encouragement on finishing creative projects

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