Podcast Episode 128
Shtick to Business: The Role of Humor in Business

with our guest: Peter McGraw

Today Peter joins me to talk about his journey and what he’s learned from it. He talks about the common denominator of all comedy, what makes a good comic, and the “benign violation” theory. He discusses the previously accepted theories of comedy and expands on his own. He presents comedy as a universal art form, notes its link to both confidence and intelligence, and talks about the comedic tactic called the “Reversal.” He explains his practice of “shitstorming” as preparation for brainstorming, answers a lightning round of questions about himself, and talks extensively about both of his books. He also discusses the applicability of these comedic principles to other parts of life, particularly noting the usefulness of bad ideas and the Reversal. He ends on the importance of writing.


Quotes from Peter McGraw 

“The best comics are kind of misfits.”

“Comedy is just like play fighting with words.”

Show Notes

This week on The School for Good Living:

  • Comedy as an art form
  • Benign violations
  • Comedy, confidence, and intelligence
  • Being funny vs. thinking funny
  • The Reversal
  • The importance of bad ideas.
  • The importance of writing
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