Podcast Episode 112
with our guest Mark Gober

An End to Upside Down Living: Living Life in Elevated Consciousness


Mark Gober is an international speaker and author of An End to Upside Down Living: Reorienting Our Consciousness to Live Better and Save the Human Species. Mark is the host of the Where is My Mind? Podcast, where he interviews leading researchers on consciousness, such as the physicist and Nobel laureate Brian Josephson. Through his work, Mark explores areas that are not currently accepted by the scientific community, including psychic phenomena, near-death experiences, and, ultimately, elevating humanity’s consciousness.

Mark joins me today to share the concept of how matter and the biology of the universe arises from consciousness and explain why understanding this idea matters. He defines what the materialism or physicalism philosophy is and its implications on how we live our lives. He differentiates non-attachment from detachment and discusses how we can be more aligned with the stream of consciousness. He also explains how leaders, educators, and mentors can help elevate the world’s consciousness and why it’s essential to bring authenticity to our creative endeavors.

“By elevating ourselves as individuals and cleaning our impurities we begin to radiate a positivity that has an impact on others just by being.” – Mark Gober

Show Notes

This week on The School for Good Living Podcast:

  • The need to reframe reality and to live a life in service
  • Why consciousness is fundamental to our everyday experiences
  • What materialism and physicalism mean and their implications on how we live life
  • Why people think consciousness comes from the brain
  • Transforming our worldview from materialism to interconnectivity
  • How leaders can help elevate humanity’s consciousness
  • What synchronicity is and what we can do to experience it more in our lives
  • Living a self-determined life and Einstein’s question on free will
  • The notion of intellectual and radical humility and why we need to practice it
  • Non-attachment versus detachment and why the distinction matters
  • Different approaches to the “right-side-up living”
  • Surrendering and being a vessel for the broader Stream of Consciousness
  • Bringing compassion and discernment into our relationships
  • What stewardship means and how we can think of money in a metaphysical sense
  • The impact of authenticity on the creative process

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