Podcast Episode 121
with our guest Darlene Green

In Service to Love: Discovering Our Divinity with Darlene Green


Darlene joins me today to share her healing journey towards wholeness and what she has learned from overcoming trauma caused by the car accident she experienced. She illustrates humanity as divine beings and defines what it means to be a spiritual being living a human experience. She describes her spiritual life as a young girl and how she met the Council of Light. She also discusses how we can align with our divinity for creative inspiration and connect with our highest creative potential.

“Your divinity is closer to you than religion. Being in service to love and connecting with divinity are the “I am” of us.” – Darlene Green

Show Notes

This week on The School for Good Living Podcast:

  • Seeing the whole of humanity as love and divine beings
  • How In Service to Love came to Darlene and “requested” to be written
  • The healing modalities Darlene studied and practiced
  • The difference between living life as a human being with a spiritual experience and living life as a heavenly being with a human experience
  • Life as a process of understanding and Darlene’s struggle with being broken
  • Choosing who you are and how you act in the face of difficult circumstances
  • Darlene’s relationship with writing before she wrote In Service to Love
  • Experiencing spirituality as a young girl and how Darlene discovered her spiritual Council of Light
  • Our inner critic, the cacophony of voices inside of us, and listening to the “I Am”
  • The clarity we feel when we’re young and how we lose it as we age
  • The power of conscious choice and holding an intention for your wholeness
  • The declarative nature of perspectives and how they create reality
  • Where creativity comes from and what gets in the way of our greatest creative potential
  • The hand and the glove and looking at our divinity for creative inspiration
  • How we can connect more fully with creativity
  • Meditation as a tool to move our awareness towards unknown realms and invite a different level of creativity
  • The remarkable power of intention and aligning with our divine knowing
  • Becoming aware of your creative process that honors who you are and doing your best work
  • Learning ourselves as part of the creative process

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