Podcast Episode 29
with our guest Arkan Lushwala

Arkan Lushwala: Deer and Thunder


Today I have a conversation with a really amazing indigenous healer, Arkan Lushwala. Arkan is a Peruvian ceremonial leader who was adopted by a Lakota Elder named Basil Brave Heart. Arkan has written a couple books, one called The Time of The Black Jaguar: An Offering of Indigenous Wisdom for the Continuity of Life on Earth. And more recently, Deer and Thunder: Indigenous Ways of Restoring the World.


One of the things you’ll hear is that he is a very humble man. In fact, he’s the only podcast guest I’ve had who, when I asked him to describe himself, says, “First, as a farmer.” Please take anything you hear in this interview with some caution, particularly some of the rituals and ceremonies that he talks about. Some of these things are potentially dangerous and not to be played with. There’s a real concern there, so taken care for your safety, making sure that anything you might do along these lines is under the guidance of someone who has experience and is looking out for your well-being.

Show Notes

00:04:11 – What’s life about?
00:14:02 – Second oldest civilization.
00:23:51 – Awareness of who we are.
00:34:25 – Fearing nature.
00:52:02 – Who Arkan writes to.
01:02:13  – The Coca Cola quest.
01:15:40 – How do you find yourself when you’re the one with something missing?
01:29:37 – Forgiveness.

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