Podcast Episode 143
with our guest Pam Mandel

The Same River Twice: A Memoir of Dirtbag Backpackers, Bomb Shelters, and Bad Travel


Pam as worn many hats in her time, but above all she is a traveler and a writer. Pam has lived a very eventful life, starting with her senior year trip to Israel just as they entered a war. She has hiked across the Middle East, relying heavily on the help and kindness of strangers. She has survived abusive relationships and talks heavily to the value of being listened to. She shares all these lessons and more in her new book The Same River Twice.

Pam joins me today to discuss the various powerful experiences she has been through in her life, and the wide range of life lessons she gained along the way. We discuss the many amazing strangers she met along her journeys, and why she trusted them so much. She tells me about her history in writing, how she got started and why she still writes today, as well as how her writing has evolved over time. We also talk about what inspired her to write these lessons and experiences down in her new book The Same River Twice.

“I know why you are silent. I know why you stayed. It is never too late to tell your story. You deserve so much better. I believe you.”


Show Notes

This week on the School For Good Living Podcast:

  • The power of breakfast
  • What it is like being a teenager in the middle of a war
  • Understanding and getting away from bad relationships
  • The influence of kind strangers
  • Friends have powerful influence
  • The evolution of a writer

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