Podcast Episode 190
with our guest Coaches Commonplace Book

Coaches Commonplace Book #5


The Coaches Commonplace Book is a candid extention to the School for Good Living Podcast. My co-host and fellow member of the Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches group, Dean Miles, joins me to dive deeper into what it means to be a coach, find fulfillment, and ultimately to live good lives. This series includes several fun thinking activities where we explore quotations and news articles. 

Show Notes

Join me this week as Dean and I discuss our recent information diet and what it takes to be a coach. In this discussion, we talk a lot about where we find out motivation, our purpose, and ultimately how we seek for good living.

“On the other side of any emotion felt fully is peace.” – John Wineland

This week on the School for Good Living Podcast:

  • Brilliant and Dean’s information diet
  • Training versus fight training; what it takes to really be great
  • Masculine and feminine energy
  • The wisdom of the pages
    • Dean’s article: Six Signs You’re Lying to Yourself: How to Recognize When Your Confidence is Covering up Your Self-Deception – Dr. Evan Parks
    • Building a Personal Brand – Success Magazine
  • Finding and following your purpose

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