Podcast Episode 194
with our guest Ryland Engelhart

Kiss the Ground


Ryland Engelhart is a philanthropist. He’s a lover of people and of life. Ryland co-founded Kiss the Ground in his living room with a friend ten years ago. It’s a nonprofit organization that he leads today as executive director. Ryland is also the producer of The Kiss the Ground documentary and the co-creator of the documentary film “May I Be Frank?” He’s also co-owner and formerly served as Mission Fulfillment Officer of the nationally recognized plant-based restaurants Café Gratitude and Gracias Madre, located in Southern California.

Show Notes

In this interview, Ryland joins me to discuss sacred commerce, using business as a force for good, the possibility of restoration and regeneration, and gaining a sense of optimism toward the future of the Earth and humanity. We also discuss one of Ryland’s strategies to deal with challenging moments and to avoid closing down or shrinking from difficulties. We talk about finding our thing, whatever it may be, and creating ways to express what we value. We also talk about building and solidifying habits related to creativity and writing, and a lot about Ryland’s sustainability efforts.

“Regeneration is playing a role in reversing or balancing the climate.”

This week on the School for Good Living Podcast:

  • Gaining a sense of optimism towards the future of the Earth and of humanity
  • Finding our thing and creating ways to express what we value
  • Striking inspiration and turning it into something that can grow
  • Ryland’s sustainability efforts through “Regenerate America”
  • Building and solidifying writing habits

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