Podcast Episode 178
with our guest Britt Frank

The Science of Stuck: Breaking Through Inertia to Find Your Path Forward


Britt Frank is the writer of “The Science of Stuck: Breaking Through Inertia to Find Your Path Forward.” Britt’s upbringing exposed her to a lot of the things she now studies and the things that she helps others to understand about themselves. Her approach to therapy focuses on the physical reality of mental health by targeting the physiological processes that drive our sometimes illogical or unwanted decisions. She uses this knowledge to help others understand their different parts and how to effectively interact with them as an effective method of self-care.

Show Notes

In this Interview on the School for Good Living Podcast, Britt joins me to talk about some important things that I believe really have the potential to help you live the life you want to live, be the person you want to be, and make the contribution you want to make. We talked about why mental health is a physical process, all the different aspects of our self, and why self-care maybe ought to be called parts care. We talked about why your browser history and transactional history might actually be the greatest entry points into shadow work. We also talk about things related to making your intimate relationships work, making them last, making them a rich and fulfilling why and making amends is so much more satisfying than apologizing.

“Mental health is not a mental process—mental health is a physical process.”

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