Course #2 is about EMOTIONS – in this course we’ll discuss what it means to live in “beautiful states” easily and often, with an understanding and mastery of your emotions. All human behavior is driven by the desire to seek pleasure or avoid pain. In this Course you will gain an appreciation of the tremendous power emotion pays in our lives. You’ll be exposed to way to use emotions intelligently and effectively to help you achieve your desired outcomes as easily and enjoyably as possible with the least amount of stress or willpower. A core tenet is acknowledging that you are completely responsible for your emotions and experience of life, and how to create - or at least move closer to - the emotions you prefer upon demand.

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0:00 – Welcome to the Life’s Best Practices Breakthrough Coaching Program’s Emotions course.

0:05 – So the premise of this course is that either you live in beautiful states, easily and often, with an understanding and mastery of your emotions, or you don’t.

0:13 – This course builds on what we just covered in the Outcomes course, with the idea that emotions are fuel. So, in this course, you will learn how to use your emotions to help you achieve your desired outcomes as easily and enjoyably as possible, with minimum willpower.

0:34 – In the Outcomes course I asserted that in every moment you have already produced a set of outcomes and you are in the act of producing outcomes – whether you mean to or not, whether they are ones you want or not. Well, the similar thing is true with emotions. In every moment, you have some emotion; you are in some emotional state. Whether you’re aware of it or not. Whether you like it or not. Whether it empowers you or disempowers you, it’s there.

0:58 – So, that, combined with the idea that emotions are fuel, that emotions drive us and if you want to achieve or realize all of those outcomes that we just spent time in the last course creating, that emotion is what is going to get you there. Or emotion is what’s going to prevent you from getting there.

1:14 – So, beginning to understand what they are and what you want them to be, to produce the outcomes you want, is really important. But the beautiful thing about emotions, or sometimes the painful thing about emotions, is that emotions are their own reward or perhaps their own punishment.

1:30 – So, independent of helping us to achieve or accomplish or acquire anything, you know, merely experiencing an emotion can be its own reward.

1:38 – In this course, we will explore the idea that every emotion is available to you in every moment and the idea that nothing has to happen outside of you for you to experience those emotions.

1:50 – You know, for me, I lived the first thirty-five years of my life largely ignorant to the emotions that I was feeling or how they were created. And for me, so often, the emotion that I was feeling was the fault. It was caused by something outside of me. I would blame other people and other circumstances or conditions, and I didn’t have any sense of my own ability to shift my own emotion. So, I’ve discovered that’s not a very empowering way to live!

2:23 – In this course, we will explore the idea that you alone are completely responsible for your experience of life, including every emotion you feel.

2:31 – I believe you will take away from this course a new and deeper understanding of emotions, and an appreciation for the awesome power that they play in our lives.

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