Podcast Episode 31
with our guest Adam Piore

Adam Piore: The Body Builders


Today my guest is Adam Piore, author of The Body Builders, Inside the Science of the Engineered Human. This is a fascinating book that explores the cutting edge of science and technology as it relates to the human body and explores things like advanced prosthetics, the regeneration of lost limbs and lost digits, technologies that help the blind to see, quadriplegics who are able to drink milk by thinking, and many things that I hadn’t even thought about until I read about them in this book. Adam is an award-winning journalist based in New York, a former editor and correspondent for Newsweek magazine as well as writing for Conde Nast Traveler, GQ, Discover Magazine, Mother Jones, and Playboy among many others.

If there’s one thing that you take away from this interview, perhaps it’s this idea that we all have things we can be better at. We all have areas to learn. It’s easy to look at somebody who’s where we want to be, who’s doing what we want to do and think, man, they are there. They are probably amazing, but at the same time, things, seemingly little things that maybe are easy for us, are not necessarily easy for them. Overall, it’s a fascinating interview. It’s one that might open your mind to the possibilities of the human body and even the human spirit.

Show Notes

00:02:14 – What’s life about

00:07:30 – Cambodia motivation. 

00:22:15  – Dangers in Cambodia.

00:31:38 – Respectful conversations.

00:34:06 – Bodybuilders

00:45:26 – Lightning round

01:06:31 – Questions specifically about writing.

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