Podcast Episode 60
with our guest Bill Eddy

Dealing with High Conflict Personalities with Bill Eddy Part 2


Bill Eddy is the Co-Founder and Training Director at the award-winning consultancy and training firm, High Conflict Institute, where he helps professionals to better understand and manage their team members with high conflict personalities. Bill has been recognized worldwide as the international expert in managing disputes involving people with personality disorders. His diverse background as an attorney, therapist, and mediator as well as his work in managing disputes and mediating conflicts with people with personality disorders has led to the development of the High Conflict Personality Theory.

Bill joins me again to discuss how heredity, the environment and culture, as well as your early childhood development are contributing factors in the development of your personality. We discuss limiting your exposure to social media and why it’s often challenging for us to limit that exposure. We also discuss why Bill strongly advises parents to control and limit what their children see on social media, why it’s critical for Americans to learn about high conflict personalities, and why all human behavior is merely a series of patterns.


“What’s changing today is the culture, more than anything. And the culture is giving us images today of dysfunctional behavior.” – Bill Eddy

Show Notes

This week on The School for Good Living Podcast:

  • The difference between psychopath personality disorder and sociopath personality disorder
  • The three contributing factors in personality development
  • Why Bill believes it’s important to limit your exposure to negative behaviors and social media and why it’s challenging to find the ‘perfect’ balance
  • The importance of parents limiting their children’s exposure to social media and technology
  • Why we need to spend more time connecting with nature
  • Why Bill wishes he was better at speaking out about social problems
  • A travel hack he uses to make travelling more enjoyable
  • A healthy habit Bill has started to age well
  • Why it’s critical for every American to learn about HCP
  • The secret to making long-term, committed relationships work
  • The most important and useful thing Bill has learned about money
  • Exploring Bill’s creative process for writing and the most important thing he’s learned about writing
  • Why all human behavior is a series of patterns
  • Lessons Bill has learned about successfully publishing and promoting books
  • Bill’s advice for future authors
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