Podcast Episode 42
with our guest Erwan Le Corre

Erwan Le Corre: The Practice of Natural Movement


Erwan Le Corre is the acknowledged founder and leader of the concept of Natural Movement. He’s been called one of the fittest men in the world and a fitness visionary by Men’s Health magazine.

Erwan was born in France where he grew up with a black and white TV, no remote, no video games, no personal computers and no internet. His father encouraged him to run, crawl, climb, and jump. He was introduced to karate at 15 years old which taught him discipline, method, and commitment.

By the time Erwan was 19, he’d trained for seven years in both natural and urban settings – climbing bridges, balancing on high places, jumping on roofs, walking on all fours in the underground, swimming in cold water and practicing all manner of breath training and fighting techniques. At 27, he started a period of sailing, olympic weight lifting, rock climbing, long distance triathlon, trail running, and Jujitsu. At 33, he started researching European history of physical education, discovering forgotten training methods.  If you are not familiar with his work and you enjoy movement, you’ll enjoy this interview.

Show Notes

00:02:31 – What’s life about?
00:04:16 – What our world is missing.
00:17:06 – Poor relationship with father.
00:25:13 – The reason for his children’s names.
00:29:23 – Helping the homeless man in China.
00:38:40 – Climbing Notre Dame.
00:56:50 – Lightning round.
01:08:12  – Questions about the creative process.

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