Exploring Good Living

with our guest: Bryan Miller

Hello my friends, it’s Bryan here. This month I’ve chosen to focus on our relationship and explore what it means to be a listener. Sitting in a sound booth, I have no idea where this podcast goes, who receives it, or what impact it might have. I might not know you, I might’ve met you before, or you might be my best friend. I want to build this relationship a little further by sharing with you a little bit about me and about the School for Good Living – what it is, why it exists, and what it could do for you.

If you have topics that you think might be useful to explore on this show, I invite you to email me at [email protected]

Show Notes

00:03:42 – Figure out and find your voice
00:06:25 – I enjoy serving people
00:08:11 – Larry H. Miller Group
00:11:16 – Help make a world work for everyone
00:14:38 – A coach for everyone, everyone a coach

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