Podcast Episode 39
with our guest Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson: The World’s #1 CEO Coach


Hello my friends, today my guest is Mark Thompson. He’s the world’s #1 CEO coach, a title that he inherited from Marshall Goldsmith, our friend and mentor. Mark is in the MG100 with me (the Marshall Goldsmith 100). He’s a leader inside that group, a member of 50 Thinkers. 

He is also the coach to some of the top leaders in business including – Lyft’s CEO and cofounder Logan Green, Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp, the CEO of the World Bank Jim Kim, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Charles Schwab, Steve Jobs. He went to high school with Steve Jobs and he was at Stanford with Jim Collins. One of only two people I’ve ever met who’s coached Tony Robbins. He talks about that in this interview

He’s one of these people that seems to know everybody. He’s been everywhere. Of course Mark is also a New York Times bestselling author. He has written Admired: 21 Ways to Double Your Value, that he coauthored with his wife Bonita Thompson. 

Show Notes

00:04:08 – What’s life about?

00:05:13 – The bridge from passion to contribution

00:23:23 – One exercise Mark does with all C-Suite Executives

00:34:40 – What’s it like to coach Tony Robbins?

01:05:05 – Lightning round questions

01:11:16 – Mark Thompson’s travel hack

01:26:40 – What’s the most important thing on the path to publishing?

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