Podcast Episode 11
with our guest Michael Hebb

Michael Hebb: Death Over Dinner


Today my guest is Michael Hebb, a multidisciplinary artist whose medium is the table. It’s been said that in the realm of death there are no experts, but I don’t think that’s true. Michael has spent many, many, many years talking about death and is the founder of DeathOverDinner.org, an incredible movement that is bringing people together around tables, over meals to talk about issues related to end of life. He’s a very thoughtful guy that I met through Summit Series in the recent past. He has served as an advisor to the Summit Series and he also started a creative agency that’s advised many organizations including the Obama Foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Tedmed, the World Economic Forum, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, X Prize Foundation, and the Nature Conservancy. His writings have appeared in GQ, Food and Wine, Food Arts, Arcade, Seattle magazine, and City Arts, and he can often be found speaking at universities and conferences for the past 20 years.

Show Notes

00:02:48 – What’s life about?
00:08:11 – Growing up.
00:15:08 – Dropping out of Reed.
00:16:11 – City Repair project begins.
00:22:51 – Apes and tables.
00:25:52 – Dating Naomi and starting Family Supper.
00:30:37 – Becoming a pariah.
00:40:14 – Eating traditions with family.
00:45:03 – Why death is a theme.
00:51:27 – Death Over Dinner discussion.
00:59:09 – Michael’s 40th birthday/funeral.

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