Podcast Episode 5
with our guest Peter Bregman

Peter Bregman: Leadership Mastery


For over 30 years, Peter Bregman has worked with CEOs and senior leaders to help them create accountability and inspire collective action on their most important work and is the host of the Bregman Leadership Podcast, which offers insightful conversations with industry thought leaders on how to become more powerful, courageous leaders. He is also a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review, and his articles and commentary appear frequently in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Fast Company, Psychology Today, Forbes, The Financial Times, PBS, ABC, CNN, NPR, and FOX Business News. Peter is the author of multiple leadership books, including his book, 18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done, a Wall Street Journal bestseller.

Show Notes

00:00:59 – What’s life about?
00:06:30 – Who is Peter Bregman?
00:12:56 – Why the focus on CEO’s as clients?
00:19:28 – The missing conversations. What’s holding us back from growth.
00:29:57 – How to make your marriage last.
00:34:13 – The real definition of success.
00:39:01 – Hard vs Soft skills.
00:49:23 – Trained as a therapist in core energetics.
00:53:02 – Lightning round questions.
01:01:43 – Fatherly advice on going to college.
01:04:17 – Questions on writing.
01:11:16 –  Reading fiction can make us more empathetic.
01:13:11 – Meditation
01:19:03 – Writing habits, routines, rituals.
01:21:50 – How writing material is organized for various outlets.

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