Podcast Episode 35
with our guest Wally Hines

Wally Hines: JETPUBS


Wally Hines is the Director of Standards for JETPUBS Inc. His background includes a B.S. in Aeronautical Studies from the University of North Dakota, followed by various flying positions ranging from flight instruction, traffic reports, aerial photography, and fire patrol for the Department of Natural Resources. He has flown for two regional airlines and, since 1996, has been a pilot for Sun Country Airlines (flying the B727, DC10, and currently, the B737NG). He has been at JETPUBS since 2001 and is one of its founders. JETPUBS provides manuals services and training materials to over 400 airlines and training centers worldwide. 

Wally discusses the writing process for his yet to be released book on fighting against false accusations from the government and his years-long battle to clear his name.

Show Notes

00:46 – Belly of the Snake.

02:00 – JetPub

08:08 – Being accused of abuse.

22:16 – Why isn’t the book finished yet?

32:13  – Deadline.

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