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Give Your Whole Heart (Or Don’t Bother)

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Give Your Whole Heart (Or Don’t Bother)

You can achieve a great deal of success without ever devoting your whole heart to anything. However, certain successes can only be attained through a whole-hearted effort. 

And while giving your whole heart to a particular pursuit doesn’t guarantee success, giving a half-hearted effort often yields disappointment.

Many people have made a habit of giving less than their best effort, failing to obtain their desired result, then feeling justified in having delivered a half-hearted performance. The paradox is – at least sometimes – if the effort had been whole-hearted, they’d have gotten what they wanted.


Center Yourself Before Each Coaching Session

The energy you bring to any given session matters a LOT – maybe more than you know.

Imagine coaching someone immediately after you’ve had a massive fight with a loved one, or after learning that someone you care about died.

But it’s not just major life events that influence how you show up for clients. If you’re stressed, hurried, worried or distracted, you bring that emotional residue into a session with you.

That’s why it helps to center yourself before each coaching session. Even sixty seconds of closed-eye breathing can help you show up powerfully.


Seize Opportunities to Speak Publicly

If people don’t know about you, they won’t hire you.

If people don’t like you, they (probably) won’t hire you.

Put simply, if people aren’t AWARE of and don’t have AFFINITY for you, they won’t hire you.

Speaking is a great way for people to develop awareness of and affinity for you.

But keep in mind that – generally – people don’t care about you. They care about what problem you can help them solve or what pain you can help them eliminate.

So, speak to build awareness and affinity, but remember, it’s not about you.

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