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George Bernard Shaw said, “Life is not about discovering yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

Someone who understands this well is Dr. Dennis Rebelo, author of Story Like You Mean It: How to Build and Use Your Personal Narrative to Illustrate Who You Really Are.

Dennis is a professor, speaker, and career coach. He created the Peak Storytelling model, a research-based method for crafting the narrative of who you are, what drives you and why.

It’s been used by former professional athletes, nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, guidance professionals, and advisers throughout the world.

I interviewed Dennis today for the School for Good Living Podcast.

We explored why “Tell me about yourself” is one of the most challenging questions we get to answer, and how we can do so clearly, concisely, and powerfully.

We discussed the structured (not rigid) process Dennis has created to help anyone sort through, organize, make sense of, and powerfully communicate the most meaningful events in their lives.

Once we do, we’re better able to effectively communicate what we’ve been through, where we are now, where we’re headed, and why. This helps us not only find more meaning and enjoyment in each day, but it can also help attract supporters, allies and collaborators to the work we do.

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