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Liberate Your Attention

Your attention isn’t a commodity, but advertisers treat it like one.

In 2022, the advertising industry will surpass $332 billion—an amount roughly equivalent to the combined defense budgets of China and India—attempting to get people’s attention, including yours.

Your attention is precious.

And because your attention and experience are inseparable, in every moment, whatever you’re giving your attention to IS your life.

Tara Brach teaches, “Attention is the most basic form of love.”

Yet we often allow our attention to be drawn away by whatever alert, notification, ring, ping or ding our phone makes.

We would be wise to follow Sam Carpenter’s admonition (in his wonderful book Work the System), “In the kingdom that is your life, be very careful about who and what you let enter through your gates.”

Because you’ve already let a phone into your kingdom, here are a few resources to help you reclaim and manage your attention.

Catherine Price’s book How to Break Up with Your Phone: The 30-Day Plan to Take Back Your Life.

Also, SLNT makes Faraday bags (bags made of special materials which prevent your phone from sending or receiving ALL signals, rendering your phone invisible, untrackable and, most importantly, SILENT). Putting your phone in a bag like this when you work, drive or sleep will ensure it won’t distract you.

And SLNT has created a free 7-day, email-based phone detox program.

When you reclaim your attention, you reclaim your life.

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