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The Little Things That Reveal So Much

About five years ago I made the life-changing decision to attend Tony Robbins’ six-day flagship seminar Date with Destiny.

You might have seen the documentary Netflix released about Tony—shot at that same seminar—called I am Not Your Guru.

Prior to signing up, I’d never done any of Tony’s programs, hadn’t read his books, and didn’t know much about him.

My impression was that he was an intense, cheesy motivational guy who good-naturedly reinforced that image with a cameo appearance in the Farrelly brothers’ 2001 comedy Shallow Hal.

Just about the only other think I knew about Tony is that he’d made infomercials in the eighties and sold A LOT of positive-thinking and personal growth cassettes.

My participation in Date with Destiny convinced me that Tony—like each of us—is so much more than any impression or reputation.

I found so much value in Tony’s seminar that I wanted to learn more from him after I got home.

I’d found an old copy of his book Awaken the Giant Within at a thrift store, and I read it.

I noticed a 1-800 number for Tony’s training company in the back of the book.

I was curious to know if the number still worked, so I called it.

It did, despite having been printed in this book in 1991—nearly two and a half decades prior.

I found that to be an incredible example of congruence.

It inspired me to look for the places in my own life where I’m incongruent and to become congruent.

In life, it turns out, the little things are often not little at all. And they reveal so much.

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