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The Question I’ve Used to Start More than 100 Podcast Interviews

“What’s life about?”

It’s my favorite question for Uber drivers and podcast guests.

I’ve opened every one of my School for Good Living Podcast interviews over the last three years with it.

That’s because when I meet someone, I want to know how they see the world, how their mind works and what they hold dear.

And so much of that is evident in not only their response this question, but also in how they respond to the question.

Are they thoughtful or hasty? Do they give a long, rambling answer or one that’s concise?

Do they hedge, or are they full of conviction? Are they gentle or forceful?

Are they serious or flippant?

Do they ask for clarification (“You mean my life or life?”).

If you want to get to know someone, ask them this question.

Then listen to what they say and pay attention to how they respond.

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